Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Web Two Oh

I spent the past half hour updating my wife's blog (in which she primarily talks about knitting). She needed to add some "buttons" to her site (those little icons that reflect some affiliation). Come to think of it, I should probably add a few of those on my BLOG. "Like what?" you might ask. "Like these: LibraryThing, Flixster,, GolfBuzz, and Bloglines." Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

An old friend of mine from college just recently announced to me the birth of his first baby, a boy named Austin. Delightful news to be sure! Probably the only advice I have for him, or for any new Dad, is to remind yourself constantly that "it goes by quickly." The days (and for my friend, the nights) may seem long, but before you know it, your children are in kindergarten.

Happy Father's Day, to all the Dads who read this BLOG.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wedding Day

I always thought that I'd remember every single detail of my wedding day. Instead, I can only recall a few moments: a brief fire alarm at the reception hotel the night before the big day; me and my friend James having a quick cigarette outside the gas station on our way to the church; the homily at our ceremony; the highly festive mood at the reception. I remember how our whole wedding day finished by 2 or 3PM, and that Jenn and I ordered room service at the hotel.

The day itself now feels insignificant, after these many years. There was a report on the news the other day about a wedding couple who got swindled out of their wedding photos by a fraudulent photographer, and Jenn jokingly asked "do you even know where our wedding album is?" (It's somewhere.) The day itself, the wedding, was just the first step of a long odyssey that finds me here, thinking about where it's led. Thinking content thoughts.

Jenn and I got married twelve years ago today.