Monday, October 31, 2016

My Crown Fell Out!

I have at least five dental crowns in my mouth. Each crown replaced a tooth that was filled with dental filling back when I was an adolescent. When my dentist said some of these older teeth had tiny cracks, I opted for the course of action she recommended: dental crowns. My first crown was put in 2011.

Crowns are created in a lab, and then cemented into place after the old tooth is removed. After a week of increased sensitivity where they are placed, they feel and act like regular teeth. I only think of them when I go to the dentist and catch a look at my x-ray. Crowns appear brighter than regular teeth.

One time while waiting at the dentist's office in 2011, a patient walked in all jittery. "My crown fell out!" she said. She seemed to be holding something. The staff at reception ushered her into the patient room. "I was chewing gum!" was the last thing I heard her say. I silently hoped that wouldn't happen to me.

However, in 2014 I experienced one of my crowns falling out. I was flossing, and when I pulled up on the floss, it pulled the crown off as well. It was like a pinball in my mouth, but I was able to retrieve it. The doctor was calm when I reached her via her after-hours service. She said I could use Fixodent to temporarily hold it in place. The next weekday she cemented it back.

My latest incident occurred last week. I was trying to eat some really sticky candy someone had brought to the office from overseas. While chewing the candy I felt a sudden coolness on my lower gums. I kept chewing, but this time I felt something very hard in the candy. It wasn't peanuts. I spit it out and saw a tooth. It was my crown!

Eating without pain is something I no longer take for granted. Eating with a temporary crown, or with the sensitivity of a new crown is draining and difficult, since I have to be careful how I chew. The dentist fixed me up yet again so I'm ready for Halloween candy, and I will restrict myself to just the easy to eat treats!