Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Days

I have had the pleasure of going to a good number of weddings. Probably at least ten. Each one was special, and a delight to be at. Old friends from home. Old friends from college. I have been to both coasts (twice to California), and one place in between (Houston, TX). I have been in the wedding party, sitting in the "green room" waiting for things to start. More often I have been a guest, roaming the reception halls, waiting for the couple to arrive.

I've missed weddings too. There have been weddings of friends that I wish I had been invited to, and there have been weddings that I couldn't attend. There was even one wedding that I didn't even muster the common courtesy of responding, and I kick myself over that faux pas.

Some friends and acquaintances on my side and my wife's side remain single, and I not-so-secretly wish to attend their weddings, if that day arrives. I also have relatives and in-laws with young adults, and they might get married one day. Maybe I'll get to their wedding, as one of those B-list guests.

This weekend, I'm attending my youngest brother's wedding. I can't wait.