Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best of My Blog

I've been writing in this space since March 10, 2001. Almost 750 posts. Out of all of these, I've marked 46 to be "my best BLOG posts".

I went through this exercise a year or two ago, when I moved my BLOG yet again from an old host to being back on Blogger. I went through each post, "labeling" them into categories. Some posts I could categorize easily ("Daughter", "Movies"). Some posts were so brief I labeled them "Tweet", which suggests that I was tweeting before Twitter was invented. Some posts eluded easy categorization, and I dumped them into "Personal".

The posts I marked as "My Best" are varied: movie reviews, reminisces, essays about the day-to-day, eulogies about the well-known and the personal. I really liked the posts I wrote about the people in my life who made a strong impression, people like Jonathan, Paul, and Greg.

I hope to add more posts into the "My Best" category. Of course that means I have to keep writing them first.