Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big Mac

A few weeks ago, while eating at McDonald's, I had received a Big Mac sandwich by mistake (I had ordered a Quarter Pounder, my "usual"). It was my first Big Mac in many many years. With the line at the McD's too crowded to try to return it, I decided to just eat it.

As I bit into the Big Mac, the sandwich felt too 'flavorful'. Compared with the Quarter Pounder, with its sparse condiments, the Big Mac is a flavor explosion, and not necessarily the good kind. The sandwich also seemed overly filling. I stopped eating Big Macs after receiving the results of a cholesterol exam many years ago. My numbers were high enough for me to try to make some change. Jenn suggested that I stop eating them, and I haven't had one since. In the end, it was tasty reminisce, but next time, I'll make an effort to return it.