Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Started Invisalign

A few weeks ago I started Invisalign.

I used to think that Invisalign was strictly cosmetic, but my regular dentist over many visits persuaded me of its health benefits. Moreover, the crowding in my lower teeth would only get worse over time. She said that it would eventually impact my ability to keep that area clean and healthy.

I've been aware of my lower teeth crowding for the past several years now. In my normal smile, you only see my upper teeth, but when I show my lower teeth you can see one tooth bent backwards (#25), almost as if it wanted to hide behind the other teeth to its side.

The orthodontist said that the entire Invisalign procedure would take less than a year. She also said I'd probably need to wear a retainer for the rest of my life. When I finished wearing braces back in high school, I may have received a retainer to wear, but I have no memory of it. However, if I had received a retainer and had worn it regularly, I wouldn't be doing this today.

The Invisalign aligner was tricky to insert and remove from my teeth, but I lucked out because I only have to wear them on my lower teeth. That said, my random snacking is greatly curtailed: removing them is enough of an irritation.

Hopefully by next Summer I'll be able to report a successful treatment!

My Lower Teeth, and Tooth 25