Friday, September 30, 2022


In a little over three weeks I have to give a presentation. It's about eBooks and how to make them. I haven't started preparing for it however. Since I made the commitment a week ago all I have done was mull over my topic and mildly groused about how I got into this.

I take solace in the fact that my presentation isn't tomorrow. That's happened before, usually with papers in high school and college. I'd have a some kind of draft but the evening before I'll bang out a final version in a feverish all-nighter that still makes me nervous thinking about it. I had a similar mindset with computer projects but staying up all night writing a program was "fun" to the younger version of myself. 

One of the things I learned is the simple power of just taking even the smallest step towards my assignment. I open up PowerPoint and make one or two slides. Just the title page. Maybe part of the agenda. A bullet point. Even a picture. Anything. Just starting is the hardest part but once I'm past the first few sentences it begins to build on itself. It starts to grow and the effort to add to it becomes easier. 

Putting things off make me think about process versus product. Maybe I like to think about the product and the reward of making that product, rather than embracing the process of making that product. Procrastinating doesn't help with either though. Wish me luck!