Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Product Placement

I pulled my 2007 Subaru Legacy sedan into the Panera parking lot. It was a short distance to the door, but it was raining. I pulled up the hood of my New England Patriots hoodie, and jogged across the lot. The restaurant was full of people: no one wanted to prepare anything at home, I guess. I ordered a Strawberry Poppyseed salad for myself. My wife calls it a candy salad because there's so much fruit in it, but I like its sweetness. As my order was being prepared, I pulled out my Apple iPhone 6, and browsed for pictures of the Minium, a new minimalist smartphone. Eventually I got my food and I went back outside. I looked up and rain drops fell on my Theo Bosrand glasses (705 Matte Black). I began running to the car, wishing I had worn a hat instead.