Friday, November 27, 2009

Stream of Gratitude

i was in the car going for take-out and enjoying some music i can buy music anytime i want i'm not rich but i have enough to buy nearly any piece of music within reason and i can put that on my iPod and on there i have four days of music "best of pantera" is what i'm grooving too nowadays but Marc from my office clued me into wolfmother so i bought the cd i've been working hard the past few months traveling back and forth to ohio and this coworker is from ohio and i'm glad for his musical recommendations and i'm grateful to be employed even though i grouse about work almost non-stop to my wife who cooked a great thanksgiving meal, preparing the turkey by a technique she picked up reading some cooking blog i don't cook i'm very grateful that my wife leads the way here cooking many many dinners and baked goods and snacks and other treats lately including bagels and whole wheat bread on which i make sandwiches only one i guess i'm on a diet and i'm grateful for losing all this weight though i sorely miss my care-free eating days i should be exercising more but with winter the ice rink will open soon and i'm grateful to know how to skate i miss my friend Paul but good thing we're connected on facebook and maybe he'll attend our twentieth college reunion though i'm not as sentimental or wistful about the past as i used to be because i have a daughter and she's focused only on her present and future and doesn't really care about my past which is how it should be and i'm glad she's doing well in school but has to take an h1n1 flu shot and thank goodness we live in an age and an area where we have the medical care that we need though we don't need a lot except this summer i did have that stomach thing which i'll blog about what's cool is that i can blog and i can twitter and people can read or follow me i don't care but someday i will finish Ulysses but i've been reading lots of great mysteries and i recently finished "Three Weeks in October" and now i'm hungry for pumpkin pie and maybe i'll watch some movies tonight my brother lent me some but then i lent my father some too and i'm glad my whole family is alive and well i don't see them too much but i love them and my dad gave me a Yankees hat and that's ok i hope the Patriots get into the playoffs but we'll have to wait and see and in the end i'm most grateful that i have things to look forward to small and big like getting on an airplane, eating sushi and playoff football it was raining the past few days subdued mist glasses streaked wish i had wipers for those but a cap would have shielded the rain but the bottom of my tee shirt can clean them i once wore contacts i'm glad i tried that those days were fun i have my present