Monday, November 12, 2001

What to Log on my Blog?

Reader, I often stare at the blank "sheet" before me, wondering what to "log" on my BLOG.

What do I want to write? Every other day, I take a pass. I don't need to write. Some nights, I'm compelled to write. I have taken to keeping a file on topics I might address in this space. I've clipped some articles, and annotated them, with the idea that my "take" on that piece will appear here.

I'm paying closer attention to the columnists of my weekend newspapers. Frank Rich in the New York Times, Sam Allis in the Boston Globe. The sports columnists (Ryan, Shaunessy, Edes, DuPont). The auto columnists (Royal Ford, Bill Griffith). Of course, Dave Barry. Many others. Their job is writing. They write very regularly, for very public consumption. Are they like me, or am I like them? Or am I being silly trying to compare?

I know that writing is hard. And I don't even write a lot in this space. A few hundred words every other day. Sometimes not even that. But this BLOG is giving me practice, and practice makes the writing a little easier.

I wanted to write tonight about the movies I watched this weekend, but what came out was this. Maybe next time, I'll go on about the movies. Tonight, it's enough for me to write this.

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