Friday, June 21, 2002

US Soccer

What a game!

While most of the United States looked on with raised eyebrows ("our boys are where, playing what?"), the rest of the world marvelled at the progress of American soccer. I'm so proud to see our country beginning to shine in this global sport. In 1978, when I first started watching soccer, the only real telecasts were on the Spanish channel. During the second round matches, I remember network TV breaking into the game to play commercials, and it was then I realized how little America understood this sport.

Now, our team (my team!) has held themselves admirably against a three-time winner of the World Cup, soccer-power Germany. Who would have thought this in 1978?

Alas, we are now out of it in 2002, but I have fond memories. I will be actively watching the rest of the tournament, hoping for beautiful soccer, hoping for a dramatic new winner (Spain? Turkey? Senegal? Korea?). Jenn and I have started talking about maybe travelling to Germany for the next World Cup. I hope the American team will make there too.

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