Tuesday, April 29, 2003


I watched Confidence in the movie theaters last night.

The director of Confidence, James Foley, also directed Glengarry Glen Ross. Once I learned that, I knew I had to see this. GGR is one amazing movie! When I scanned the cast listing, and saw Robert Forster, that sealed the deal. I really enjoyed Robert's portrayal of Max Cherry in Jackie Brown; his role in Confidence is substantially smaller. (The cast was studded with super stars, including Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia).

The movie was about a con, a crime, a heist. And like an old book from high school, it felt very familiar. The lead character (Jake Vig, played by Edward Burns with his trademark scowl) even says that a good con is like a play: everyone knows their lines.

I was intrigued by some reviews that said you'll know what to expect, you just won't know when. The movie was like comfort food. You like it. Just enjoy it! And I did.

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