Thursday, July 24, 2003

Robert Rodriguez


Can't get movies off the front-burner of my muse. I watched Spy Kids and Spy Kids II, in preparation to see Spy Kids III in the theater in August (or September).

The director of these movies is Robert Rodriguez. He's been a source of inspiration to me, as his love affair with movies and movie making is infectious and unique. He is not only a screen-writer and director, but he's also a director of photography, film editor, and musical score composer for nearly all of his movies. He has a heretical opinion against film, favoring digital technology (he shot Spy Kids II in high defintion), and he does nearly all of the post-production at his home in Texas.

His book Rebel Without a Crew is worth reading for anyone who's ever thought about the process behind movie making. He describes his own quest to make a movie, just to "practice" his skills, and how this small movie, El Mariachi, become a film festival award winner. His commentary track for this movie is jam-packed, and inspiring. He's an acknowledged rare breed, and his films are definitely worth checking out.

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