Sunday, May 9, 2004

Is Thank You Ever Enough?

Happy Mother's Day!

I was chatting with someone about parenthood a few months ago, and he said "Being a parent is a hard road!"

In my house, Jenn's the one driving on that road. I'm somewhere in the back of the car, cowering in fear. When Mia had a bout of sleeping issues because of my new work schedule, Jenn figured out how to help Mia adjust. Whenever Mia develops some malady, Jenn takes her to the doctor. (Jenn sometimes jokes that I don't even know the doctor's name, but that's not true.) Jenn cooks for Mia. Jenn cleans Mia's clothes. Jenn does practically everything.

In the course of parenthood, finding new ways to be grateful becomes difficult. How often can one say Thank You? Is it ever enough? A day like today reminds us to appreciate.

I'm grateful. Thank you, Jenn. Happy Mother's Day.

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