Friday, October 22, 2004

World Series 2004

So how have I followed this past ALCS on the Internet?

I have been enjoying the writing and links on The Joy of Sox, a BLOG by Allan Wood, who wrote a book about the 1918 World Series, which was the last World Series that the Red Sox won.

Replacement Level Yankees Weblog, by Larry Mahnken, provided a lot of sane analysis. He kept a very civil tone of discourse, and explained what the Game 7 loss meant to him.

I also have enjoyed the enthusiastic writing of ESPN's Bill Simmons (the Page 2 column). His column on Game 7 is a marvelous treatment from an old-time Red Sox fan.

Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN, a New York City radio sports show, gave a great introduction in their first show after Game 7. It's an audio clip. Search their archives for "Oct .21-Mike & Dog open the show after the Yankees complete their collapse in Game 7 of the ALCS."

I'm a stammering idiot compared to the writers and announcers above. But I try. In addition to this BLOG, I spout off my missives and non-sequiturs on, a USENET newsgroup. And for real time action, find me on #baseball_primer, an IRC chat room. During the game, I'm online, firing the one liners as fast as I can type. My handle is easy: rickumali.

Go Red Sox!

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