Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This Fish Needs a Bicycle

This past Sunday, I read a funny article about BLOGging and dating by Heather Hunter, who writes the BLOG This Fish Needs a Bicycle. It's a terrific piece describing the perils of courtship in today's BLOGging age.

So of course I visited her BLOG and read a bunch of her entries. They are nearly all wonderful. She reveals her triumphs and her insecurities. She examines her past, studies her present, and ponders her future.

I sometimes wish I could write with her openness. Keeping a BLOG on the Internet isn't exactly being 'closed', but I'm just a bit more reserved (just like in real life). I'd be scared to have you read anything that's too personal about myself. I still keep a private journal (it's electronic), and it frightens me the stuff I put in there from even a week ago!

Fish is not frightened by the private stuff. At least, she's not frightened of writing about the private stuff. Check it out!

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