Thursday, January 13, 2005

Best Movies Watched in 2004

I only watched 41 movies last year, four in the theater.

Out of all of these movies, I really liked Lost in Translation, the Bill Murray movie, written and directed by Sophia Coppola. Just some wonderful pacing and sentiment. I feel as if I get the Murray character. The movies captures the boredom of life, the loneliness one can feel even in a crowd, and the desire to connect, to be understood.

My other favorites from last year: Snatch, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Minority Report, Waking Life, Punch Drunk Love, and Sideways.

Some special categories:
  • Best DVD Commentaries: Comedian, The Limey

  • Favorite Male Acting: Paul Giamatti

  • Favorite Female Acting: Uma Thurman

  • Finally Glad I Watched: Narc, When We Were Kings, Paths of Glory, Donnie Darko, Solaris

  • Not So Hot: The Cooler, Heat

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