Sunday, January 22, 2006

Your Sunday Bets

Let's pretend for a second that I know something about football (I don't). Let's next pretend that I'm called upon to "comment" on today's betting lines. Here's what I would write, under the moniker "Rick the Flip":

Pittsburgh at Denver, Denver by 3 - Denver by three!? Denver by three!? Take the Steelers! These guys are on a roll. The Steel Curtain is going to, uh, come down on these Broncos, and it's going to be a love fest for Cowher at last.

Carolina at Seattle, Seattle by 3.5 - When I saw the highlight reel of Seattle's win over Washington last week, all I kept thinking about "boy, that's some foggy stadium." Then I saw the wide shots, and Seattle's stadium is downright scary. Take Seattle. This has home field advantage written all over it.


  1. Hope you are right about the Steelers game.

  2. As sad as it has to be, the Steelers go down in Denver ("Show Down in Denver" by Sha Na Na, anybody?) 16-10.

    Seattle protects the ball tonight and plays a solid, if unspectacular game, to win 24-10. That part isn't so sad. Shaun Alexander leaves the game after the score is 17-0.

    But what do I know?