Monday, May 8, 2006

Big Break: Ashley v. Jeanne

In Big Break V (a reality golf show on The Golf Channel), the final two contestants (whittled down from eleven contestants over the past three months) will be facing one another in match play tomorrow night (9PM EDT). I know that this is a recorded television show, and that there's much creative editing, but I believe The Golf Channel has a terrific match in the final pairing between Ashley Prange and Jeanne Cho.

On the show, Ashley is loose, often irreverent, and very vocal about her capabilities. I get the sense that Ashley knows how to relax and have a party. Jeanne seems very much the opposite: reserved, very 'internal'. I can almost feel her 'strict Asian upbringing'. But both are pretty fierce competitors. Both have really good golf skills.

I'm rooting for Jeanne, but I'm wishing both of them luck!

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