Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bonus Track: Wonderful Tonight

This is me singing Wonderful Tonight, the classic song by Eric Clapton from his Slowhand album. Yes, it's a little fast. One of the things I learned in trying to put this together is just how difficult it is to sing, play, and keep time. It's almost as if you have to pick two out of those three things to keep track of.

I learned the song from Desi Serna's on-line guitar lessons, but I was inspired to try the song thanks to covers by strawbfan and chewwinggum.


  1. Nice job! Good tempo variation. I didn't notice any difficulty with your singing/playing coordination, so kudos there. Keep it up! And thanks for Desi Serna's link.

  2. Thanks a lot! I have another one that I plan to post soon. I'm glad you looked at the Desi Serna link. He's got a very engaging style.