Monday, December 1, 2008

Folding Fitted Sheets

I fold laundry. I happen to like it. It's one of the small ways (emphasis on small) that I can contribute around the house. But the one thing I can't fold are fitted sheets. I usually get frustrated, and then make up some technique. The result? Puffy and a messy corners. My wife folds fitted sheets perfectly. Too proud to ask her how to do it, I always think that I can figure out how she's done it by staring at the perfectly folded sheets that she's already done. Instead, I happily toss them into the closest, grateful that I don't have do it for one more week. Not tonight. Tonight I reached deep into the Internet, and found a video explanation for how to do the folding correctly. Folded fitted sheets, FTW!


  1. I found out how to fold fitted sheets correctly watching a television program a few years ago. The technique is just like the one on the video! Good for you to decide to figure it out.

  2. but wait, Rick, how do you know this perfectly folded piece of art is a fitted sheet in the linen closet? You'll be tearing it apart trying to tell the difference. ;)

    There's no question in my linen closet.

    (ok, that's just sour grapes. that is impressive.)