Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cold is All Relative

Today the temperature descended back to winter. It was quite chilly in the mid-20s (Fahrenheit), but it felt even colder because it "warmed up" to about the high-30s on Friday. I was beginning to think about March. Instead, January reminded me today that it's still the first month of 2009 here in New England.

Seasons get us prepared because of how slowly they turn. It's sudden change that gets us, I think. Indian Summer. Snow in April. New Englanders usually have a brisk Fall which puts us in "warmer" jackets, and the lighter sweaters and fleeces, before Winter comes in, forcing us into heavy jackets and boots. We get acclimated. I think this is natural.

So it's back to the cold weather. I'm not worried about it. We're all hunkered down anyway, so it's not too bad. Like I said, it's all relative.

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  1. This part of winter is easier to take because it beginning to stay light, longer. I expect the cold but this has been a brutal winter because of the ice and the fact that we've had 4 storms with no real melting of the accumulated snow. The snow is dirty, piled up, there's inconsistent clearing of public space and residential sidewalks. As a walker, this makes navigating my usual routes slower and more difficult. Walking partially in the street being on the look-out for Boston drivers is no fun and gets old. I can handle the cold, I just hate the snow when it gets like this.