Saturday, October 31, 2009

Clock Watching

6:20AM - Since my daughter was born, I have rarely slept past 6:20AM. Once, coming home from a business trip after midnight, I told my wife I'd sleep an extra hour. When I got up at 7:20AM, I felt disoriented.

10:30AM - By now, the day has been humming along. Right around here I usually have a snack, usually some kind of trail mix, maybe some fruit. In my past, I'll have another cup of coffee by this time, but I've somehow reduced my coffee intake to the two cups I have at breakfast.

12:00PM - Lunch time. If it's ice skating season, I'll eat a sandwich on the way to the ice rink. If it's warm, I'll try to get out for a walk.

3:20PM - Here's another snacking hour. Typically it's some fruit, though in my past it's been chips or candy. My levels of concentration start to wane around here, so I usually turn up my music louder.

5:00PM - I'm starting my process to leave. Putting aside work. Getting that last bit of code to compile. Writing or outlining that last section. I leave work promptly by 5:30PM or, if I can do it, some moments before.

7:30PM - I'm usually helping our daughter into her "night time routine" a little before this. Then it's dinner (microwaved). Then dishes. Then, depending if I'm in a slog, it's either more work or some reading. The TV will be on, usually tuned to sports, but I'm usually not paying too much attention.

11:00PM - Sleep.

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