Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take It All In

My family and I finished catching up with this season's "The Amazing Race", the popular television show (CBS) that's "a race around the world."

The last episode of the series ended with the first two teams racing towards the finish on Florida's Old Seven Mile Bridge.The leaders were ahead by some distance, and the way the show was edited, you almost thought that the team in second place would catch them. It was shaping up for a dramatic finish.

However, just a few seconds later, the second place team realized they were out of it. "They're too far ahead," one of them said. "It's over with." Then a moment of high wisdom: "Take it all in, baby!" His partner turned back to him: "Huh!?" "Just take it all in."

I watched that moment over and over again (find it at minute 80). These guys were racing for one million dollars, but at the moment of despair, at the moment when they realized that they have lost, they recognized the most important thing: they were in an amazing race. They appreciated the moment they were in.

"Take it all in." I found myself touched by these words. It's the always welcome reminder that there's a much bigger picture out there than even the race we're on (as another contestant observed this season). Chasing the prize of our lives is a privilege that everyone has. We should be grateful every now and then.

It's Sunday night as I write this. Tomorrow is the start of another week, a week of work and routine. My life is racing by. I realize that now. Sometime during the week, I'll remember to take it all in.

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