Monday, November 30, 2015

Wear and Tear

When I empty the dishwasher, whenever possible I make sure to put the newly cleaned dishes under the ones that are already stacked in our cabinet. I feel this evens out the wear and tear on our dishware.

This isn't a hard rule. If we only put two dishes in the dishwasher, because we had to clean a bunch of larger items, I don't take down the ten dishes in the cabinet just to put the two new ones on the bottom. I put them on top. I'm not a crazy man!

I do this because I remember reading how rain water will eventually split a large boulder, or how wind and sand will shape rock formations after a thousand years. With my strategy, my dishes will last longer because they're evenly exposed to the dishwasher water and detergent.

Or maybe I'm overthinking this.

Either way, only someone a few generations from now will be able to verify this!

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