Saturday, March 10, 2001

All This Snow

Just spent the past hour shoveling all this snow that's fallen on my property during Nor'easter March 2001. Today wasn't as bad as it was a few days ago, when I spent nearly two hours shoveling extremely heavy snow.

I used to say that shoveling snow builds character. Forget that. I have enough character.

I do enjoy the feeling I have after shoveling snow. It's like a workout. I get home, and even though my chest is heaving with exertion, I have a super feeling of accomplishment.

I don't have a tremendous area to shovel. But I also don't have a snow blower either. My neighbors have been kind enough to offer me theirs, every once in a while. More often than not, though, my three shovels are enough to get the job done. (I have a long bladed shovel for moving large amounts off the beginning part of my driveway, a straight shovel, and a 'bent' shovel for reducing back strain.)

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