Wednesday, March 14, 2001


Today, I spent almost $200 on a visit by a plumber. We had a leaky toilet, and while I was able to diagnose the problem, I just didn't know when I could actually do the repair work. Now this is our bathroom in the main bedroom, and with my pregnant wife needing these facilities, I was hard-pressed to fix this leak. (We have other bathrooms, so it wasn't 'an emergency'.)

Enter the time value of money. Sure, the plumber took less than an hour to make the assessment and repair. But he was able to do this while I was at work, and well before I could devote the time to fix it. (Wouldn't you know that the leak started on Sunday night.) The plumber saved me a trip to Home Depot. The plumber saved me from the labor of this repair. The plumber saved me from pulling my hair out if I would have screwed up. In other words, $200 is not that bad to spend for the peace of mind.

Of course, I had $200 to spend. And I'm grateful for it. I suppose if I weren't financially capable, I would have tackled this on my own, but please. I saved myself the time and effort, and that costs money.

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