Sunday, January 6, 2002

Moving Mia's Pictures

I finally moved the pictures of my daughter to my own domain. This has been "on my TODO list" for quite some time, and I finally got off my butt to do it.

(The pages reside at Tripod, which has pop-up banner ads. I wanted to get rid of the ads. I also wanted an easier URL.)

The hardest part was writing "redirection pages", so that people with book marks to the old location can find the new location. I wrote a small BASH script which I ran in my Cygwin environment to do this.

It took about two hours of time to make sure things are right. If I knew it would only take this long, I would have done this sooner. Of course, the hardest part is starting. Coincidentally, Joel on Software wrote a timely article about the difficulty of simply "starting". Good thoughts here.

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