Wednesday, January 2, 2002


Part of what's been keeping me up at night is Solitaire, specifically, the version of Solitaire that comes with Windows. I picked up this game after my brother left it up on the computer while he was up visiting. I asked him about it, and he said he likes to play a few hands, just to pass the time. My wife plays Solitaire all the time on the computer, and now on her Handspring.

The Solitaire Central site says "Though popular, the odds of winning are rather low, perhaps one in thirty hands." I'll say. I played the game nearly two hours, hoping to "win". My wife played the Klondike version on her Handspring for nearly two days (over 100 hands) before she even one even once.

Solitaire is a class of one-player card games known as patience in some countries. I'll say. You have to remain patient as you wait seemingly forever for a winning hand. Now that I know the chances of winning are one in about thirty, I can approach playing this game with a better mindset (i.e. I don't expect to 'win' after only a few hands).

Maybe it's time for me to resume playing with MAME again.

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