Monday, February 4, 2002

Patriots Win Superbowl

I was originally going to write that trying to win a Super Bowl with defense has to be the hardest thing to do. It demands concentration, dedication, a commitment to the play, to the position, to the coverage. I felt that the Patriots were starting to lose the defensive edge, especially when the vaunted Rams tied up the score 17-17 with less than two minutes to play. I was going to write that you win by the sword, you die by the sword: all the Patriots had was defense. They needed offense.

And then Tom Brady strings together a bunch of passes starting from the Patriots' 17-yard line, driving forward to allow Adam Vinatieri to kick in the winning field goal. Pure hurry-up offense. And the result is a pure feeling: a home-town champion! Reset the clock, New England! We are the champions! We are the Super Bowl champs!

Oh what a feeling...!

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