Sunday, February 10, 2002

I'm Not Tiger

My e-mail receives its share of SPAM. I suppose it's no more than the average e-mail user. However, because I created and update the sparse Unofficial Tiger Woods Home Page, I get my share of strange requests.

First, I am not Tiger Woods. If I were, would I even have time to write an FAQ on Tiger? As it is, I barely have enough time to update the FAQ. Still, it's amusing receiving e-mail from people who think they are corresponding with Tiger Woods. I can't imagine the mail the real Tiger gets, but I think I add to it because I often redirect these people to Tiger's agent, the International Management Group (in Ohio).

Second, I'm not Tiger's agent. Nor can I fulfill any requests for Tiger's autograph, time, books, or videos. Again, a canned e-mail reply sends them to Tiger's agent. I did save the old correspondence I had with someone who needed autographed Tiger Woods photos. I sent her to IMG. Two months later, she wrote thanking me for the accurate address.

Finally: I don't know everything about Tiger Woods. Just last month, someone asked me if Tiger could bench 300 pounds (I believe he could, based on what a few uncorroborated statements from a columnist at CNN/SI's Golfonline). I have been asked what kind of Nike shoes does he wear, what kind of golf balls does he use, what kind of irons, and does he have a girl friend. A lot of these questions can be answered by carefully reading articles about Tiger in the mainstream press (Sports Illustrated, New York Times) and golf publications (Tiger 'writes' for Golf Digest).

If this is a taste of a celebrity, then maybe I'll just remain anonymous for now.

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