Wednesday, July 3, 2002

How to Handle Heat

For the past three days, Boston has been in the throes of 90 degree weather (Farenheit). It's 78 degrees now in the late evening as I write this.

In my town's mailing list, a few of the subscribers have posted reflections and thoughts about the high heat. A few of mine:
  • Think of Winter

    The beauty of changing seasons is that Summer Heat will come to pass. In fact, it's predicted that our heat wave will break in Friday. One more month, and it's August. After that, the pro ice hockey teams start camp. The heat will pass.

  • Do Everything Slower

    When I'm in the heat, I walk slower. I wash dishes slower. I don't rush to get the paper. No sudden moves. Go slow. The heat will sap your energy. Take it easy.

  • Drink Water

    Forget soda. Forget ice cream. Water. Cool water. Any water. Keep hydrated.

  • Shower Before Bed

    After a hot afternoon and evening, jump into a cool shower. The brisk water always invigorates me, and cools me down enough to lie in peace.

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