Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The Matrix: Reloaded

I saw The Matrix: Reloaded last night. What a mind-bender!

I didn't see the first Matrix movie in the theater. I borrowed someone's video tape. I remember how blown away I was at the universe concocted by the writer/director brothers, Andy and Larry Wachowski. Basically, they propose that the "real world" is not really "real" at all. We're all in a Matrix, living an imagined life while evil machines suck our dreaming bodies of energy. The "man in the machine."

This movie opens by introducing us to a whole civilization of people who have avoided becoming part of the Matrix. Instead, they wage a desperate war against the machines, with Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity diving into the Matrix to unlock secrets. The end of the movie is so frought with hard questions that it definitely demands a reviewing. I won't have to wait long for the DVD, I imagine. The third part of the Matrix trilogy will be released by the end of this year!

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