Friday, June 6, 2003


I was pulled over this morning for speeding. Speeding! I was going 75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, but I was cruising in a road designated as a construction site. I could have been looking at double the normal fine. The trooper claimed I was at 81 MPH on the radar.

He certainly made me wait as he writing up the ticket. I sat contrite, fuming at myself. I kept thinking about the moments before I saw the flashing lights immediately behind me. I remember blowing by someone in the passing lane, and forgetting to decelerate. I saw the trooper pull out as I blowing by, and I knew that he was pulling out for me.

In the end, he gave me a citation, and $100 fine. He told me that this was the minimum fine, and that I should just be careful. Aye aye.

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