Saturday, June 14, 2003

Father's Day

It's Father's Day tomorrow. I'm a Dad, so I look forward to it. Jenn said that she and Mia would be taking me out for brunch.

However, I can't rely on one day of the year to "feel special" about being Dad. I seek out Father's Moments during my week. Sometimes it's in the way Mia will grab my hand when we're out walking. Or, at the height of play, she'll be laughing and squealing, and she'll say breathlessly "Daddy!" Or the way she'll smile when I turn around to look at her when we're at a stop light.

Being a Dad can be about hardship, exhaustion, frayed feelings. I'm tormented by the simple question: "Am I doing enough?" But it's also filled with moments of joy and pride and love. Tomorrow is the national recognition of those positive feelings, but after tomorrow, it'll be up to me to continue seeking out these precious moments.

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