Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Baby Doll

This past weekend, which included Father's day, Jenn had brought home a Zapf baby doll for Mia. We already have a baby doll named Bob, but this new doll is programmed to cry, yawn, and actually get drowsy and fall asleep.

The first thing the baby doll did when we put in the batteries was cry. Mia was fascinated. "She's crying!" I was instantly brought me back to Mia's first year.

"Where's the switch to turn it off?" was my first question.

I still hear my share of crying, but it's nothing like those days of infancy. I'm happy and weary of being a father. I've seen so much of Mia growing up, and I know there's more to come! More than anything, I've learned that time really does go by quickly. Hearing that doll cry and cry brought that lesson to the forefront again.

That Sunday, I showed Mia how to pat and rub the baby so that she closes her eyes and dozes to sleep. At night, after work, I make sure it's switched off. Time flies indeed.

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