Monday, June 14, 2004

Detroit Pistons

Tomorrow night, the Detroit Pistons are going for a fourth and decisive victory over the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA Championship.

I'm rooting for the Pistons. I've crossed over and become emotionally attached to this team of hardworking players, and their famed coach, Larry Brown, who has yet to win a championship (compared to Phil Jackson, who's won nine).

They have three chances to win this thing, since the best-of-seven series is 3-1, in favor of the Pistons. But I'm scared for them too. The Lakers may be hobbling, but they have Shaquille O'Neal, as unstoppable a force as there is in the NBA. And while the Lakers have to win at least two to force the Game 7, I wouldn't put it past them (hey, I'm a Red Sox fan).

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