Wednesday, July 6, 2005

You Can Play Guitar!

Six months ago, I bought a guitar and a DVD set called "You Can Play Guitar!" from Homespun Tapes. And almost every night since then I've been playing the guitar, going over the different exercises and songs from the DVD. It has been a rewarding way to learn!

I stopped watching the DVDs a few months ago, concentrating on the finger picking exercises from memory. On these DVDs, Happy Traum performs two songs called "The Fox" and "Shenandoah" that seemed outrageously difficult when I first watched them, but now I'm able to play both songs without too much problem.

I've cut MP3s of me playing these two songs in case you want to listen:

The Fox - 387K (24 seconds)
Shenandoah - 745K (46 seconds)

It's time to climb up the learning (playing?) curve some more. I just bought Easy Steps to Guitar Finger Picking. Let's see what I'll be able to play in December!


  1. Your MP3 picking licks are really sweet sounding! I'm humbled and very impressed. I've saved them into my inspirational toolbox to help awaken my own guitar chops from their 6-month slumber. Thanks.

  2. Nicely done.

    I acquired a bag pipe chanter(?) which I'd intended to get to know on my own.

    However, this turned out to be disruptive of other person's studies. And I haven't made much (any) progress with it.

    I hope the guitar does you well.

  3. Rick, That's pretty impressive! Were you starting from scratch? As in... no guitar (or other string instrument) experience?

  4. blork: Thanks! And no, I wasn't starting entirely from scratch. I actually guitar lessons when I was probably 12 or 13 years old. I learned basic chords, and basic strumming, but nothing beyond that, which I suspect led me to abandon the instrument when I went to college.

  5. Oh well. For a minute there I thought there was hope for me too!