Saturday, October 1, 2005

Red Sox Lose

I was taken by surprise when the Yankees were deemed the winner of the American League East, after they beat the Red Sox this afternoon.

If the Red Sox win tomorrow, the Red Sox and the Yankees would have the exact same record this season. However, after their win today, the Yankees now have a better season record against the Sox, and this season record gives them their pennant.

AP writer Jimmy Golen wrote: "Through a quirk in baseball's rules, the Yankees (95-66) won the division because of Cleveland's loss to Chicago in the AL Central. The loss by the Indians (93-68) eliminated the possibility of a three-way tie -- and an unprecedented two-game, three-team tiebreaker -- and gave New York the East by virtue of their 10-8 record against Boston (94-67)."

I wish the Sox had won it today. There's now only one more day in the regular season. If the Red Sox can beat the Yankees tomorrow, the Sox make the playoffs as a Wild Card. I'm dying over here!

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