Friday, October 14, 2005

Yet Another Cell Phone

My old phone finally stopped working. A few days ago, it wasn't able to pick up the network. I could dial, but I was answered by fast busy signals.

I walked into the local cell phone store near the mall where I work, and asked if they could fix my old phone. They took one look at it, smiled, and said "it's time for a new one."

So today, I bought another phone, a Samsung SCH-A850. And just like the last time I bought a cell phone, I'm marveling at all the features. It's got crazy ring tones. It's got a little bitty camera. And it's a "clam-shell", so now I feel as hip as my wife, who has always insisted on having as high-end a phone as possible (her SGH-P400 has a swivel camera, and a rotating face display).

My only complaint so far: No games were installed. I guess I'll have to download them.