Friday, December 23, 2005

My Life. My Card.

American Express has been running an ad campaign called "My life. My card.", and it's in the style of those quick-quiz profiles. I first saw this ad a few weeks ago in my Sports Illustrated. I've always been fond of these of these little snap-shot portraits. In the style of these ads, here's me:

childhood ambition: to become a writer
fondest memory: trip to Paris with my wife
soundtrack: theme to Star Wars
retreat: uncrowded movie theater
wildest dream: to publish a book
proudest moment: hearing my daughter say "thank you", "please", and "I love you"
biggest challenge: getting the next job
alarm clock: lately, my Palm Pilot (6:20AM)
perfect day: a round of golf
first job: computer operator
indulgence: taking the long way while running an errand
last purchase: take-out pizza for me and my wife
favorite movie: one of them is Cinema Paradiso
inspiration: people figuring things out

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