Saturday, June 17, 2006

Black Stars

The World Cup match between Ghana and the Czech Republic was a thriller. A goal was scored within two minutes of the opening whistle. I was in the kitchen, but my wife's exclamation, and the muted shouting from our TV, told me that Ghana scored. Ghana is ranked 50th in the FIFA World Ranking, and the Czechs are 2nd. How could they have scored?

I parked in front of the TV, riveted by the exciting play from "the Black Stars", the team from Africa. They lost to Italy in their opening match, but somehow Ghana seemed determined against the Czechs, who walloped the USA in their opening group match.

Today's match was a great game to watch. Wave after wave of pressure from Ghana. A missed penalty kick by Ghana. An ejection for the Czechs. And finally, with moments to go before full time, a second goal from the unheralded team. The Czech looked despondent. Ghana looked like spoilers. And this Thursday, the US plays this ascendant team.

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  1. Ghana beat the United States, 2-1. Our first goal (by New England Revolution player Clint Dempsey) tied the score, but then Ghana went ahead a few minutes later on a very questionable penalty kick.

    It's a pretty disappointing result.