Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm With The Band

I managed to cross off a bucket list item: to play guitar in a live band. My office has an annual company-wide off-site meeting, and the organizers remembered that I had brought in my electric guitar for a Halloween party (I wore a large wig, which completed my costume). "Can you play that thing?" Let's find out!

Playing in the group felt like a high school after-school activity. We brought our instruments to the office, and rehearsed a few afternoons at someone's house. I was surprised at everyone's chops. I was also surprised at the mechanics of playing with a group. Tempo, a song's key, playing in tune and fast-transposing music were important. It was a fast education.

We played a diverse set of classic songs, among them "Can't Get No Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones), "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" (Creedence Clearwater Revival), and "Folsom Prison Blues" (Johnny Cash). Even though I was given sheet music I ended up using YouTube to learn the rhythm guitar parts for these songs. It's true that most rock songs are just three or four chords!

During our performance, I was only vaguely conscious of our audience, our co-workers. Instead, I was focused on playing, even if I flubbed a chord. One time at rehearsal our lead guitarist started to play a solo, and I didn't keep up my strumming. "You do your thing, while I do my thing," he told me. In other words: keep playing. At the end of each song, when we heard applause, it was a superb feeling.

Playing guitar has always been a perfect break from my life in front of the computer. It's possible to approach playing the guitar analytically, but performance is ultimately about rhythm and attitude and feelings. It's especially like that playing in a band, where it's ultimately about staying in time, and listening to each other. Can't wait for the next gig!

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