Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some Podcasts of Note

I've been on a podcast kick of late. In the entire span of this BLOG, I've only recommended one: In Our Time (BBC). That is still a strong recommendation, but I've latched onto a few others of late that are worth giving a listen.

Joe Rogan Experience - Joe Rogan was the host of Fear Factor (a reality TV show) and an actor on Newsradio, a 1990s sitcom. His interviews are lengthy, deep, and profane. He enjoys hunting, UFC fighting, nutrition and science. Joe is also pretty curious, and I like that.

Waking Up Podcast - Host Sam Harris is a philosopher and author. He has a penetrating delivery and comes off as hyper-rational. I first heard him on Joe Rogan in a three hour show. If you're interested in what an intellectual sounds like, try Sam.

Brain Candy Podcast - Susie Meister and Sarah Rice host an upbeat and fun show. They have great banter between them, but they also bring in guests for various subjects. They talk about both light and serious topics and I love their perspectives.

Todd Barry Podcast - I first saw Todd Barry in the first season of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I liked his dead-pan, flat-affect, dry-wit delivery. I'm starting to go through his podcast catalog, and I'm enjoying the behind-the-scenes conversations about comedy.

EconTalk - As I ponder big picture issues (immigration, taxes), I'm finding more and more that economics provide a framework for thinking about these issues. Host Russ Roberts and his guests tackle a variety of issues from an economic viewpoint, and it's very absorbing.

Let me know your recommendations!

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