Friday, April 27, 2001

Turkey Hill

I explored Turkey Hill this afternoon. From the Arlington, Massachusetts listing of recreation and conservation areas, Turkey Hill is "A hill marked by a blue water tower off Washington Street."

I have lived within walking distance of this conservation area and water tower for nearly five years, and I haven't once visited it. So today, with Mia, I tried to walk up the hill to the water tower. I promptly got lost, and had to ask my neighbor for directions. She showed me the entrance to the path off of her yard, which took me straight up the hill, directly to the tower.

The views were spectacular. I could see the distant Boston skyline through the trees. The hill was still littered with leaves from last Fall, and it cast a serene orange glow throughout. The hill had enough trees to safeguard it from the nearby streets, but it was sparse enough so that I could make out the contours of the land I was walking on.

When I reached the tower, I walked around it. Mia and I were completely alone, and the tower was cold, warning us "not to trespass" its permeter fence. I walked around it, and then left the hill top by another side street, which eventually dumped me out on Forest Avenue, which crosses my street.

It was a splendid day to forge new territory. And to think I lived here this long without visiting this.

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