Wednesday, April 25, 2001

In Between Jobs

Today, I accompanied my wife as she visited her office. Of course we brought the baby, and we walked around the building showing her off. Her company is very large, and since I've been out of work for four weeks, it was nice to visit an office, and refamiliarize myself with cubicles, copier machines, and coffee pots. I miss 'working'.

I haven't started job hunting in earnest, but I have a few feelers out. And people have been in touch with me, so I'm hopeful.

What have I been doing? I've begun cleaning out my basement (it's unfinished). I work on my resume. I am reading (presently going through An American Tragedy). I watch DVD movies. I wash dishes, and try to clean up around the house. I nap. Mostly, I'm "on the beach", as someone remarked to me recently. And in all of this, I help with baby.

It's too bad I can't get a job doing this.

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