Wednesday, May 9, 2001

On the Dole

I have actually qualified and am now receiving unemployment checks. Despite receiving a severance package, the unemployment claims clerk determined that since I had to sign a 'release' to receive the severance, I was eligible for unemployment funds.

Dealing with the unemployment office was fairly easy. As I mentioned, I called in my claim to receive unemployment to the Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training (aka "the unemployment office"). Despite having their computers down the day I called, I received a Benefit Claim Certification Form, which is a postcard asking four questions: 1. During the weeks you claim unemployment, did you look for work? 2. Could you have worked, if offered a job? 3. Did you work? 4. Have you returned to full-time work?

By answering yes, yes, no, and no respectively to these questions, you get an unemployment check delivered to you. The amount depends on your salary. For me, I received the maximum weekly amount ($477). The clerk advised that since I have a new baby, I should file for a Dependency Allowance. This is going to be my new project for the week.

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