Thursday, May 10, 2001

Beer with Dinner

Tonight, like last night, I had a beer with dinner. (Last night was a Rolling Rock, tonight was a Budweiser.)

It's unusual for me to have beer with dinner. These beers were purchased for guests, but are now relegated to bottom door shelves of the refrigerator, practically hidden. Typically, I have a soda (Diet Pepsi Without Caffeine). I drink a lot of soda. So much so that every once in a while, I'll run low on soda. Instead of drinking my last few cans of soda, I decided to reach for the beer.

The beers were good! And I got the beginnings of a buzz from each, even though I didn't even finish them (I left probably an ounce, of the 12 ounce drink).

In college, and a few years after college, I was a consistent beer drinker. Later, with the introduction of more sophisticated company, I learned how to drink cocktails (gin and tonic is the standard), wine and hard liquor (Jack Daniels, Maker's Mark). My last job had one evening reserved for a social hour, complete with beer. I often had a few then, but since I've been unemployed, nothing.

Probably worth mentioning that I have two more Rolling Rocks in the fridge, and I probably will down these this weekend.

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