Monday, May 21, 2001

The Bar Exam

Last night, I feasted on Travis Wise's California Bar Exam Primer. If you are ever curious about what it takes to pass the examination that leads up to becoming a lawyer, read this.

Based on the comments that Travis has received, his site is tremendously valuable to those studying law. He provides resources (web sites, outlines, books, study suggestions) specific to passing the bar exam in California. He even documents how to make flash cards on the PC, as an aid for studying.

What I enjoyed was his terrific writing about how the test affected him, emotionally and mentally. He writes wonderfully about how to prepare for the test, and he definitely conveys how grueling the whole experience is. The section on the various dreams of those in the midst of the bar exam was revealing.

When I was younger, I read One L, a slim book by Scott Turow, the best selling author of Presumed Innocent, and many other legal fiction. Turow's book provides insights into the first year of law school. Travis' document gives insights into the final stages of law school, and the bar exam.

Like others, I often heap derision on lawyers. After reading how rigorous the bar exam is ("The bar exam is an exercise in malpractice."), and how fundamental a step it is on the way to becoming a lawyer, I'll be more mindful of what student lawyers go through. Travis has captured the feeling of what is essentially a lawyer's rite of passage, and he does it marvelously.

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