Tuesday, May 15, 2001

A Casual Job Fair

I wore jeans, a casual shirt, and my Fatbrain black twill cap to a career fair by BrassRing (Burlington Marriott, MA). I also brought my daughter, Mia, in a stroller.

Again, plenty of people, but this time there was good elbow room. Someone remarked about my baby "I guess you have to get them started early during this economic downturn." Yes, indeed. I wish I had prepared a resume for little Mia.

I ought to take these fairs a little more seriously. Plenty others in the auditorium did: suits, leather binders containing their resumes, nice shoes. Forgive me for the belief that clothes rarely make the man. I acknowledge that they do offer a first impression, but I think by being so informal, I'm the one making the impression. I suppose it doesn't hurt that I was the only one walking around with an infant.

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